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Image495If luck holds, come this Sunday, my little brown pup (fattened from all his Christmas meals) will come trotting off the plane in DC and the “New Adventures of TC” will begin again. The new venue – Washington, DC. Stay tuned for a  posting next Monday as I attempt to stay on topic.

Why don’t you go f*ck your boyfriend!!!!“, he exclaimed. This would be my 13-year old son getting mad at me last week. I was astonished, speechless. In a previous moment of rage, he’d called me a homo. But this was pure anger.

I wasn’t sure whether to just kill him on the spot, take everything away or what. I remained speechless. The 13 yo is the emotional one, he’s been the most impacted by all this, he wants mom and dad together, life back to normal. Despite the relative calm here, this is brewing deep within him. The 15 yo is pretty cool about things and hasn’t shown anywhere the same level of emotion.

Discussing options with my wife, does he need a therapist to talk to?  Do we need to discipline him for these outburst? We decided to continue to monitor the situation and maintain some our continue civil behaviour.

At this point, the 13 yo is angry at both my wife and I (more “I” than my) and I don’t think either of us can do anything about it. But I am pondering, who can he talk to about this? He’s more like my wife who didn’t get much value out of therapy, nothing wrong with either of them, both have this Germanic “won’t share feelings” attitude.

I do think it important to just maintain an even keel no matter what, he will ride through this and if we can remember to forgive his outbursts, life will go on. However, we are seriously considering offering him some therapy outlet once school resumes.

As a closing note, I’ve stopped reading most of the older “coming out blogs”. I see too many of these guys stuck in repetitive loops, “I’m married, I have kids, I’m gay, I hook-up, I go home, Why isn’t my life better?” {repeat until nausea}. Life is too short, either accept who you are and the way you wanna play or change the game and move on. Either way you’re blog is clogging up the Internet and slowing down my porn.


  1. So which porn sights do you visit most often?
    Now that would make an interesting post.

  2. Oh, I know what you mean.I stopped reading all those blogs too. The repidty of it all, that’s what kills me. Hook up with a young twink, break up, hook up with another younger (darker, more handsome perhaps?) twink, get back with the original twink, angst, angst, profess life and love is good, throw in a few words about what a good dad/husband I am, angst, angst, break up with the twink, lust after a new twing, hook back up with twing number one, angst, angst, profess life and love is good, etc.
    I know what you mean, I know what you mean.

  3. Chris, sorry that your son is really angry and acting out. If he will go to talk with someone great, but maybe he won’t. I guess turning the other cheek is the best tact to take. He is in a world of hurt – hope he finds his way out soon.
    I certainly admire you for making a clean break with your former lifestyle and being honest to/with yourself. But it is these examples, like what your son is going through, that may make it easier for others of us to stay with the status quo. Some may view that as being cowardly or wrong, but maybe it is the best thing for that guy and/or his family at the time.
    And for the record some of us don’t go for twinks, but other married guys like ourselves – surprise, surprise.

    I bet that gets a lot of hits! happy new year! Look fwd to more drama in 2009…puts my so called relationship in perspective!

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