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The talk with mom and dad

Last night latino night. Rock concert and then Circuit night club. Surrounded by brown and they’re short, so I can easily scan the crowd. Need to work on my pick-up lines, the “Can you mow my grass?”, not having the impact I was hoping.

I stayed at Prof Tim and his partner of 5+ years apartment. I’m glad I did. They live a normal life together. His partner has nicely decorated the house for Christmas, he’s clearly the homemaker. Prof. Tim, like I do, scoffing at all the decorations. But a house isn’t home without those touches. It was nice.

At dinner last night mom & dad (as I think of them), had the chat with me (Wally) about what the hell I’m doing. Listening and constructive thoughts from people who care. It all made sense.

Basically, I don’t want my wife to hate me, she needs time to work thru her emotions. She’s a smart girl, she will and we’ll develop a new relationship in it’s place. My kids need to know the truth and not that mommy or even daddy screwed up the marriage and that life will continue.

Interesting, they thought that I should go out and “date” people. I’m very open with my situation. I’m not some married guy living on the down low and the right person is going to understand. I’m honest and open to a fault. As well, there’s no hurry for me to move out, I’ll be on heavy travel and just need to let that settle out.

There’s no going back, that door is firmly closed. If you’re trying to play the “bi” card. Well, let Wally here tell you, you’re not and I wasn’t either. So move on, doors are closing.

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  1. Chris,
    It’s not going to necessarily going to be an easy time……but I went thru it and am here when needed.

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