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The Road Ahead

Image332 I'm airborne tomorrow a last series of meeting in the U.S. before heading back to Europe Tuesday night. If all goes as planned early Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. local time I'll be standing at Gate A18 at the Frankfurt airport, Tiger Cub should come wandering up the gangway and with that a new chapter in our story will begin.

Having been home in DC for the last 2 weeks, I've had a busy social card, renewing contacts that have been dormant for many months. I've enjoyed being at home, banging around the house. But this isn't my life anymore. I made some decisions, that I'm going to have to live with. Being a bit of a nomad for the last months has been fine and I suspect I won't find a settling point until next year sometime. You just gotta roll with it.

I'm thankful TC is with me. I'm not sure how this adventure would have been without him. From his vantage point, he's taking a huge risk, leaving his home, friends, family and placing his trust in me. Now the reality it isn't such a big risk, what's the worse that can happen? He's going to be a long ways from home.

He can't admit it outloud, but he's looking for love. There's always the fun person, the cute guy, that someone you enjoy being around, but love is different. It's state not a feeling. So we're both off to explore together the "state" of our relationship. No need to wish us well, it either is or isn't.

Prof. Tim shows up in Germany on the 20th and I've re-jiggered our weekend travels plans, the 3 of us are going to London. TC and I miss the excitment of the city, we'll hit our fav restaurants and haunts and Prof. Tim is sure to have agood time. We'll save Barcelona for just the two of us.

It will be quiet for a couple of days, try not to miss me.

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  1. Heehee, LOL, you and that Tiger Cub are so cute. You fight, he gets crabs or you gets crabs (one of you got crabs, can’t remember which), you make up. You are such a cute couple! You two really remind me of Lucy and Ricky, and how strong their love was for each other despite all the zaniness. I think I may have seen you in the DC area on Sunday. I pulled off from Route 50, before the Bay Bridge, and ate at a crab house near the dock. Older guy, white hair, kind of chubby, came in on a boat with his two young blond sons. They all looked kind of German. Was that you? I imagined it was, and thought to myself: “That’s why he likes young brown meat!” Hope all goes well with you and the cub, though as you said, you don’t need our good luck wishes.

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