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The professor weighs in

Prof. Tim, my Chicago friend, has weighed in on my situation. Like a Chicago meat packing plant, he made quick work of the situation and used up everything but the squeal. His stern lecture – move on, there’s nothing good going to happen from all this. Then we talked about Latinos, which makes him happy and me too.

Easier said than done to move on. I’ve painted myself into a little corner with TC. But through the abusive comments you readers have left( I’m sensitive you know), I’m toughening up. He’s not going to hurt me. Gonna have to treat this like some elongated hook-up.

I’m back on the market. Call now, prime reservation slots filling fast. I’m going to a Village Drinks affair Thursday night. It’s a group of professional gay guys who meet regularly. 460 signed up to attend. Gonna have to sharpen my claws. TC won’t admit it, but he wants to come along to keep tabs on me, but I need to develop my own social scene.

I know all too well the bar scene and it’s far from idyllic to making long term friends. So I’m gonna have to give other venues a try. Despite what you may read into me, I’m perfectly comfortable being alone and perhaps that’s just what needs to happen for a while.


  1. Ok, I want all the scope on this large cocktail party.
    TC will be what he will be. He’s using you, but you are also using him. It isn’t exactly even but then life never is.

  2. Enjoy your village drinks…sounds great! Here, we’re about to have “village drinks” with about 10,000 semi-naked men – we call it Mardi Gras! Wahoooooo! 😉

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