cb707736f573f07d8e9d00512f0c6da0Is it 2015 already? Figured it was time to refresh here (at least once a year). If you’ve arrived at the blog, you likely have been searching about on the Internet on this topic and managed to get here. I suggest starting this blog using the link “Read from the Beginning.” It’s a short, it’s a novel, it’s a made for TV movie. A lot of hairy moments, some funny episodes and plenty of personal drama to keep you entertained for hours. It’s all true. It all really happened just like I’ve written.

Time has aged this blog. I don’t write much any more. My story has moved on. Readership has fallen, you’re one of probably 10-20 visitors today. But those readers tend to read the entire website. I gather they get some value from it thus I leave the blog running. Running for you.

I hope you get some answers from the questions I tried to answer. I often feel I answered more wrong than right. In the dark quiet of night I often asked myself why I did this and where is this now going. But these are questions we all ask ourselves, no matter who we are.

So enjoy and good look on your own trip out.