I’m in Belfast Northern Ireland. I just dropped TC  at the airport. We’ve spent the last 5 days together. I have to admit he’s done a great job of handling me. I’m full power all the time and for anyone to be with me that long is a real testament.

We drove up the coast road yesterday to take in the classic sights. Rugged Irish coast line, sheer face drops. In fact, we saw all four seasons in a single day and probably 10 rainbows. Our journey ended at the Giants Causeway, one of the supposed 7 wonders of the world. Pounding surf, driving rains didn’t stop Chris from venturing out on the rock formations to take a photograph.

A nice peace has evolved between us. It’s warm. We’ve awoken in the last week just kinda of wrapped around each other. He’s very young, there’s so much in the world he wants to see and do. Everything is a possibility.

We ventured out to the main gay club, Kremlin. Huge place, well laid out, mixed crowd of people. For the most part, the Irish people have been overwhelmingly friendly. Going out, we agreed we could make out with anyone of our choosing as a laugh.

Later that night, I had wandered off for a bit (club was huge) and came back to find Chris chatting up some guy. Fine, we agreed. I wandered back off and went up to a balcony. I wanted to spy on him. I know, it wasn’t a good idea.

I was enjoying watching this guy hit on Chris until they started to kiss. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with jealousy and anger. After all I’ve done for this little shit. There was never a question of Chris’s loyalty and I had no reason to be angry, we’d set the rules, but I was royally pissed.

Later Chris finds me and immediately tells me he’d kissed this guy, yes — I know, I saw it. He feels my anger. We leave. I’m seething. Back in the hotel, a silent war begins. We don’t talk. Lights out. The bed is clearly divided. I can’t sleep. After an hour of being upset, I realize how stupid I’m being. I try to wake Chris up, but the combination of alcohol and late hour, I can’t awaken him. I fall asleep.

The next morning, I climb to the other side. It’s time to make up. We  apologize. Me for thinking I wouldn’t get jealous, he for not knowing I would get jealous. He admitted I’d wound his clock watching me chat up some younger guy earlier in the evening. I guess we’re closer to each other than we thought.