So my exotic Chris and I are at Xbar. He’s alone and just as overtaken as I am as to how we’ve managed to find it each other. He’s clearly a bit drunk and I can see the German guys eyeing him from around the room. He’s easy on the eyes.

I go into protect mode. It just how I am, I may not be hooking up with him, but I don’t want him to fall prey. He’s seems happy to have me there with him. He wants to know what to do and I build up enough energy to freely open a discussion with the other guys in the bar about other places in Cologne to visit.

My new Chris lives in London, appears not to have any long term job, he’s just floating around seeing Europe. He just came in from Greece (that’s when I saw him at the airport). He’d hooked up with a Greek flight attendant and was visiting him in Duesseldorf. But the Greek guy was becoming possessive and had taken off on a flight trip for 7 days leaving my Chris "alone at home". He had come to Cologne to look around by himself and was staying in a youth hostel.

With a partner in crime, we two Chris’s manage to hit a wave of Cologne bars (including quick walkthrus of places I’d never go into again where guys where having sex in dark corners, yuck).

It’s now after 3 a.m., my Chris is trashed. I’m taking you home with me. He doesn’t resist,. but says he won’t stay the whole night. We have a little play time, but I’m still strangely protective, not wanting to violate him, I don’t push the play beyond anything he’s comfortable with. I’m still a stranger. At one point he looks at me, "how old are you?". We hadn’t bothered to ask. I tell him my real age, 46. He’s 22. We fall asleep.

Now at 9.30, he has to leave, but wants us to go out and be tourists at noon today. He doesn’t have a cell phone, we’re going to meet in the city center. I’m leaving in a few minutes. If he’s there great, happy to see him. If he’s not, well I guess I’m learning what the term hook-up really means.