I had offered to fly Richard, my 22-year old Chicago friend, to come visit for the long 4th weekend. He can’t due to a new work assignment, he instead wanted me to come visit him. After a bit of thought, I fumbled some excuse, “we’ll get together soon”.

Proud of myself, a year ago I would have scampered over there like a rabbit in heat into some luxury hotel and rained sugar on him the entire weekend. I caught myself though. Richard is terribly sweet and cute. He calls me several times a day, always upbeat, happy to chat and eager for whatever, with no expectations from me and virtually no complications from him. But I’m supposed to be the nice guy and he’s starting to like me. The reality, we have little in common other than physical appeal, polar opposites in terms of life experiences and worlds apart in terms of who we are. He’s seeking stability and knowledge, I’m seeking … well known of your business. Actually something uncomplicated without a lot of pretense would be nice. Unfortunately where we’re both at this is not a good basis for a relationship. I’m proud, I’ve regained control of my aircraft, back in level flight.

But in talking with Richard, I realize I’ve endured a bunch of crap from other guys along the way. There are nice people out there, going to discard faster, they’ll bubble up thru the deck eventually.