Couple of weeks ago during my supposed exile from the gay world, William and I agree to go out for a drink. Just to meet. It’s going to be friends having a drink.  Fine – off to Halo I go.

I have to jump back in the past for a moment, a few months ago, I briefly meet Eduardo at Halo. Young, nicely dressed, well mannered, dark wavy hair, deep brown eyes and a bit of mystery to him and oh, yes, a touch Latino (note: please don’t stand up and yell "bingo"). It was just a hello, ok, no harm. He was definitely my type and I let it go.

Back to today, inside Halo, drink in hand, William and I wander upstairs. There is Eduardo with 2 other friends. God – he’s cute. I eye him and he eyes me. William picks up his drink and commands "we’re going back downstairs, I see trouble in your eyes". I comply. I’m trying to be good.

Downstairs, I keep thinking about him. Fending a need to use the WC (which is upstairs), I head up, William advises he’s sending a guard dog after me in 10 minutes.

I wander by the group and swope in to say hello. The other 2 guys eye me cautiously. One is his brother (touch my brother gringo and you die). I’m kneeling on the floor as they sit, no clue what dribble I am saying, I’m totally taken by Eduardo. My phone is ringing, it’s William, "I know what you’re doing, get down here now". OK OK, be right there honey. I continue to talk. The phone rings again, "are you listening to me, come back to me now". Sure, just another minute, no problema bebĂ©.

Eduardo is perplexed by all of this. Me, I have no clue what to do next. Finally, Eduardo says give me your phone number. I can barely remember my name at this point. We text each other.

My phone is ringing again, it’s William, "I have left, you are crazy, you should go home now". I do. Text messages appear from Eduardo, I think you’re handsome and cute, we should go out.  Yes we should.

It’s at this point with almost absolute clarity that I realize I’m pretty freaking gay. I may not look or act it but I certainly know how to portray the part fairly well.