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Gay married man coming out story

That’s something to worry about

I get all these private emails about various guys situation and without exception somewhere in the text they express, “I’m worried about my wife”.

I would have written the same stuff as well and now after 2+ years of dealing with this, I am prepared to offer you some generic advice for this situation. Fuck your wife. You need to worry about you, first, foremost and all the time. You’re homo now and that’s what we do.  Your wife’s gonna be fine and when she’s done reaming your ass, if you weren’t already a bottom, you’ll be ready to be one. I have yet to hear a single story where it ends badly for the wife. Read my story — sound like it’s going well?

You want to noble, kind, caring and all those adjectives. But woman are pretty well equipped to deal with this emotional stuff plus she’s not had a shift in her sexuality. So listen to your Uncle Chris (if you’re under 30, Daddy Chris).  If there ever was a time for ME ME ME to take hold. Today would be it.

You think you’re ready. Dabbling on Craigslist or Manhunt or whatever. A bit of spice to your boring existance, but your totally unprepared to go up against the likes of a professional homo, who’s been sucking c*ck since has 15, who’s now got more issues than Sports Illustrated and either has become a stuck up queen or something you wouldn’t wipe your feet on to get in the door. And you’ll soon enough realize that those nice folks you meet on Craigslist, are simply creeps who never quite managed to make it out, but also didn’t manage to keep it in. Stuck in a forever Twilight Zone. You’re a Junior Varsity player and you still suck.

Do you honestly think it’s the beginning of a long meaningful relationship when you just facef*cked some dude you picked up online or in a bar? Come on, call a spade a spade. No, Mr. Right is likely standing there at the grocer holding his pint of Cherry Garcia as he goes home to watch TV alone. Sadly, he doesn’t know you’re there, watching him twitch his ass, but he wants to and you’ve got to get noticed.

The challenges ahead are formidable, the risks are many and the rewards are few. So focus on you for now, you need to make it.

Pict for which I will be in trouble for yet again.


  1. Bitter, table for one.

  2. wow chris……maybe I should just go slit my wrists now! 🙂

  3. Nice rant, unfocused and unhelpful.

    Work out your own ‘stuff’ before offering half-baked advice to others. It’s clear that you were enraged when you wrote this because of all the misspellings and other bits dropped off the end of the page.

    Before advising others, you really need to do some growing up of your own.

  4. That boy is so your type!

  5. Guys, cut Chris a break, he’s just venting his frustrations with his situation. I’m sure he really does care about his wife and kids but sometimes things can get overwhelming.

  6. So far, what I am reading is an open, honest snapshot of what it means to be have been married and coming out.

    In hindsight, I wished I came out to my wife before pursuing our divorce. If I had, the divorce would still have happened, but not as bloody (figuratively speaking).

    You will find those that object to what you are saying do so because they are fearful of what it means to be gay therefore they are BI aka ‘gay lite’. They are also fearful of losing the kids, the house, the cars, the savings, etc, etc…. What fear does is short sight you – you still lose. Better to broke and happy than have and keep your resources and be miserable. And please don’t tell me you’re not miserable…. else they would not be on craigslist or manhunt or whatever.

    Keep speaking YOUR story and your opinions. I’m rather entertained by what I’ve read so far.

    Married – Divorced – raised my kids – Re-married (to a man) OUT, PROUD… and asking anyone else “why aren’t you?”

  7. Chris. He’s a doll!

  8. Gorgeous…….you do have nice taste.

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