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I told you the drama wasn’t far away, a very stressed out TC called this afternoon. He will call again, but wants me to delay flying in to Toronto. His sister is still in the hospial and is planning now on staying with the parents for the first few days. Another cousin getting married this week. The ‘net is, TC can’t escape his family to be with me until likely next week.

It’s 8.30 a.m. in the morning, an hour that brown cub is normally snoozing away, but he’s up, talking to me, I hear his father banging on the door yelling he needs to get ready, the whole family going to the hospital to see his sister.

He’s gone from having no family while living in London to having a mega-family. He’s slowly talking to his friends/family about going back to Europe. Each one weighing in with their ‘opinion’, universally they all want him to stay in Toronto. He told his mother last night he wants to return to Europe, she sat in silence. His closer friends who know about me are skeptical, I’m that stranger your mother warned you about.

TC doesn’t like to deal with life’s little issues. His mother told him he won’t be covered by their medical insurances come August. His driver’s license is expiring. Living at home is driving him crazy. His father asking him “what his plan is”. Customary family obligations, you must do this, show up for that, listen to such and such — all mounting stresses. To top things off, he’s got a cold as well. Lovely.

Hell, I’d run away from home too, he’s not quite fully an adult nor is he a child, a tough spot. I don’t know where I figure in this story. Maybe nowhere. But he ran away once before to escape it all, I suspect he’ll do it again. Patience my pet, sit by the door and wait, your meal will soon arrive.

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  1. Not yet an adult? Hmmm.
    Patience my pet,sit by the doo and wait, your mail will soon arrive? Hmm.
    OK, I know you are just kidding. Still. Hmmm.

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