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Thanks, ya’ll

Thanks to everyone who posted and sent me an email on my last posting about TC riding it off the rails abit. I hadn’t thought of you guys as “friends”, I know you read this regularly, often commenting. But it’s when I’m in a crunch you respond with help, thoughts and ideas. I have to listen, you’ve been riding with me since day one.

I had a bit of a drama queen moment with my Tiger Cub. I’d left him in a bar when in fact I wanted him to come home with me. Life’s answers aren’t in a bar, he doesn’t know that yet. I’m more keen to spend time with people I value than a name that I won’t remember dude in a noisy bar.

Important, I never question the loyalty of Tiger Cub. There’s a deeper explanation here, but for the moment, trust me, he’s as loyal to me as it comes. I have no fear he’s in a back alley with some guy named Dave’s dickĀ  in his mouth. It’s just not him. The matter was simply if you want something from your partner, you gotta tell them, straight up and direct, no mincing of words. Had I told Tiger Cub how important it was to have him home last night, he would have relented and come home.

Tiger Cub and I spent a couple of hours talking today, re-upping our relationship and resetting our expectations. It’s hard, but had to be done. Then I stripped him of his clothes and devoured him. Make up sex, there is nothing better.

I know many of you wonder about the sanity of a 47 year old man with a 23 year old. Something is holding us together, it’s a general desire to have one person in our lives, a mongamous relationship, based upon love. It sure sounds crazy to me, but Tiger Cub and I have something between us.

Tonight at dinner, I invited a business colleague along with Chris and I. Half way thru dinner, Chris went off to the rest rooms and I told my colleague (a woman) about my relationship with Chris. She smiled and replied, “I saw something between the two of you instantly”. It’s those comments that power me forward.

But back to you, your immediate comments & concerns were most appreciated. So thank you.


  1. Hey, I guess we all have drama moments. I know that when we are visiting neighbors and Geoff wants to go home (in bed most nights by 8….drives me nuts) he wants me to go with him. It’s not that I’m doing anything untoward (well wine isn’t untowardis it?) it’s just that he likes me with him.
    It would appear that this is what happened with you and TC. You were ready for the off because you had work the next day. TC being a night person just wanted the good times to continue rolling…..
    Keep working on the relationship. Age isn’t everything…..

  2. Well I read your blog pretty much daily, but I don’t ever comment for some reason. I think its because your story leaves me at a loss for words sometimes (I don’t mean that in a bad way).
    All I can say is I hope you find happiness, whether that includes TC or not is up to you. I just worry about him using you, but I’m sure your smart enough to see that.
    Have fun in Madrid!
    P.S. I wish I was in Barcelona this weekend for the Spanish GP!

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