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IMG_2457 (Small) Sadness. Tomorrow TC and I will jet off to DC leaving far behind Cologne, Germany. We'll hang out in DC and couple of days and he'll then head up to Toronto. My future job up for grabs? Back to DC, London or Germany. A fair amount of uncertainty and even more uncertainty for TC. Trying to get him a work permit for London or DC would be a nightmare (he's Canadian) and thus I don't know how our relationship will turn out.

Sad as well, I have to make the right decisions for me and my family first. They have to take priority, it's that simple.

But despite my bitching, complaining and drama moments about him. TC has stuck by my side showing his loyalty at all times (let's not talk about me here). It's hard to believe but October 6th, we'll have been together a year. Yes, he's sometimes lazy and I have to smack him on the ass to get moving and certainly he's more nocturnal than I am, he's the guy you'd see grocery shopping at 2 a.m. in the morning. We'll have an early night and I'll bed down next to him for what may be our last evening in Cologne together (did I just sniffle?).

I've been lucky. During this whole "coming out" period, I could have been being bounced around in the gay scene. Bad dates, good dates that go bad, weird situations or just being lonely. There before I dug my hole too deep, TC showed up and my life changed. He's my Tiger Cub. Call it fate, luck or a miracle – I'm glad he's in my life.

I hope for you the same.

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  1. Bless, you’re about to have your first anniversary! Well done…making it despite the ups and downs! Congrats!

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