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TC goes missing

Tuesday morning – I haven’t heard from TC since Sunday sans a short cryptic email at 1:59 a.m.. I’ve called his house, Skype and email. No response. By lunch time, I was worried that he couldn’t cope with moving DC and was ditching me. My business lunch was a disaster, I couldn’t concentrate in a meeting with investors on my next wild idea. Worried about TC. My other business partner carried the meeting.

Tuesday afternoon, I send out a mayday to Prof. Tim who momentarily lifts his head from some tropical fruit in Hawaii. He lambasts me for not showing Tiger Cub enough enthusiasm, energy and returns to his Mai Tai. Now I’m feeling really bad.

I fire off a bunch of messages to my Tiger. I start to envision me back alone in the gayborhood, looking for love in all the wrong places, so many unhappy gay guys roaming about, the mere thought sends me into convulsions. I’m penning the ultimate love note when suddenly an email appears from TC with a Toronto number, which I call immediately.

What is your problem?“, TC asks. MY PROBLEM. “I’m staying at my grandmother’s house to take care of her, she was in the hospital, I TOLD YOU THIS ON SUNDAY that I couldn’t call and sent you a bunch of emails to call me, just where have YOU been and with WHOM? And WHO is that Hawaiian guy on your blog?“. A cousin of Prof. Tim?, I offer. Suddenly, my computer magically starts chirping as Hotmail ungorges a slew of emails from that had obviously been backed up from TC. But but but.

I entice my brown boy to video in and suddenly there is my 126 pound beast staring at me. My little tiger (I know it’s sick). I gush all kinds of lovey sh*t, embarrassing even myself. I’m so happy.

It’s then I realize it’s time to make the move, get on with things with him, step further into the unknown, it’s gonna be OK, Tiger and me.


  1. It’s called miscommunication, happens in the best of “marriages” you’ll be just fine.

  2. yes, you’ll be just fine. So, you remembered that he complained bitched slammed you down for living in DC (not “trendy” enough for your cub, I guess), but you did not remember that he was taking the weekend off to take care of grandma? Shame on you. Where does grandma live anyways? I thought cellphones worked everywhere.

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