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Spoke with TC in London this afternoon. Thankfully, I’ve lived in Los Angeles, I’m using to people living in LA LA land and he’s got a charter membership. I can almost hear mystic music when he talks. He’s excited I’m enroute to the UK and will show up at my hotel on Wednesday night.

I find him terribly intriguing. He just floats along. Like some time warped dope smoking 1970’s hippie, nothing gets him excited, things just kinda happen and he’s clearly the most unconnected person I’ve met. But he keeps his emotions close and I don’t push him. On my side, I don’t hold back, bombs away. For the first time though, he quietly said he’s missed me. Like an onion, he reveals the layers of his emotion.

Christmas was a bit depressing for him. His mother called and so emotionally cried for 30 minutes she had to hang up and call back. I didn’t say anything, but his parents must be clearly wondering WTF their son is doing and why. I’m not far behind them myself.

Realistically, I should be seeing some mid-30’s professional who probably more closely follows my heartbeat and maybe that’s where I’ll end up. But Chris is fine for right now, one day at a time.

My marriage crumbled over the weekend. Much drama. More postings to follow.

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