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It’s cold, dark and raining and that just in my bedroom. Sydney weather has turned awful. Reminds me of spring in Europe. Scrappy and I are making the best of these remaining days. There are all sorts of homos in our neighborhood. In this huge building, I need only ride around in the elevator with a drink in hand and it would rank as a gay bar.

I sniff about, flirt, a bit over the top. Our favorite neighborhood restaurant has a 20 year old guy (or boy) from Nepal. 100% in my wheelhouse. As a regular guest, he usually comes over to say hello. I smile. He smiles. Scrappy just growls (deep down he’s a junk yard dog). I wonder why I do this? Scrappy wonders too. Is it to upset him? Get my jollies? Hedge my bets? Seek attention? Seek attention from Scrappy? Who knows.

I’m like the fisherman who fishes but doesn’t catch anything. There’s no bait on my hook. Scrappy curls around me at night, his warm brown heat radiates around me and I fall back asleep. Life is good.

We watched the film, “Into the Wild” about the young man, Christopher McCandless, who decides to get away from his family, society and all the petty rules and simply take life in. He ends up dying alone in an abandoned bus in the middle of nowhere Alaska. Let’s just say things didn’t work out as he’d planned.  Dead is would appear seems to have it’s limitations.

In writing his diary, one of his last purported ‘words’ were I HAVE HAD A HAPPY LIFE AND THANK THE LORD. GOODBYE AND MAY GOD BLESS ALL”.

This movie is indeed moving, there is the oft stupidity of youth, perhaps a little misguided, but earnest in his endeavor. A desire to be different, to take in all that life has to offer, to in effect breath in life.  It’s inspiring despite the tragic ending.

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  1. Enjoy the last few days of cold – HK will be HOT!

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