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Single Guy in the City ( SG = he’s sooo cute) from Sydney is in DC for the holidays and we got together last night. I admonished him for being such a deep thinker and caring individual but yet living life so vicariously. But he’s the director in his movie and thus he gets to call the shots.

He offered upbeat comments on me and how great a relationship TC and I had seemed to form. The downside was a crisp reminder that the gay world is often devoid of long term relationships. Everyone seems to want one but often it’s illusive for a life time.  It’s the general wackiness of the gay world and a long studied view of how the gay man creates huge emotional hurdles that a potential partner has to cross. With time the hurdles become higher and more sharply defined.

SG commented he had one date where the guy sized him up before even sitting down, pronounced that this wasn’t going to work and simply left. How deflating to one’s ego.

Where is the allowance for magic? TC would NEVER in a million years have envisioned being in a relationship with a married older guy with all sh*t I’ve got swirling around me. But he didn’t prejudge and was open to a magic moment. It’s all about the package, a balance perhaps of physical attraction, mannerisms, eye contact and personality. A unique recipe whose exact ingredients are difficult to measure but  you know when they’re right.

I hope, dear reader, that you allow for magic to enter your life. It could be that person standing behind you at the ATM machine, passing a drink to you in a bar, or seated next to you on a plane. If you feel a touch of the pixie dust, don’t let it get away, be bold, you have nothing to lose, put out your hand, pass a business card, be open to being open.

BTW this does assume you’re NOT in a relationship, you dirty nasty wh*re for keeping in the game!


  1. Chris

    Hello from Indiana. I am a 48yo married professional guy with 5 kids. Married 18 years and just starting this process. (God help me!) I spent the day yesterday reading your entire blog from the beginning and wanted to thank you for the experience to share your story. I smiled, laughed, cried, obtained courage and at times told myself I can’t do this. I know I have to to be complete and people like yourself who have shown others that there is life on the otherside help tremendously. Thank you for allowing me into your experience. I will use it as I enter that dark tunnel knowing to keep pressing forward until I see the light. Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

  2. Chris,

    Merry Christmas…….

    I’m glad you’re back blogging……you were my favourite read.

    I’m not certain where you and TC stand (maybe you aren’t either) so I’ll just have to continue reading to find out.


  3. Ditto mate. You are cute too…for an older citizen! LOL

    Yes. Guys in Sydney are tough…honest but ouch…sometimes it hurts.

    I hope to find a long term relationship….

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