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Stopping therapy

I’ve decided to stop therapy. Not just for me, I’ve asked my wife to support stopping couple’s therapy as well. It’s costing a fortunate and it’s not helping.

Therapists, running their own business, I figured, aren’t likely to say, "you’re all better now, you can stop."  I’ve also determined that therapists can’t answer your own questions. They can help you discover the question, but answering it is up to you.

I’ve confronted my "gayness" not only with myself but with others. My wife and I have opened lines of communication. Where this goes now is up to myself and her to figure out and at pace of our choosing.

The weekly therapy is kinda of like producing a sitcom, the feeling of intense pressure to have new material to talk about. The reality is all the marbles are on the table, it’s now up to the involved parties to sort them out. Maybe a therapist can help later, right now they’ve done their task.

Meanwhile, I’ve forgotton my password to X-Tube and hate having to create a new account and WHAT lose all my favorites …

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  1. We are doing separate therapy, thank goodness this is part of my work benefits. We are each only going about every 3 weeks and now it’s really about helping me deal with being gay, and the occational bout of guilt.

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