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I’m in Germany, the place where we keep all the Germans. Arrived yesterday, nice to fly on a new plane, the peaceful and efficient airport settings of Europe (the UK doesn’t count) a sharp contrast to the carnival like atmosphere in the U.S. Alone, decided to walk the old town, fight some jet lag.

Coming down the street as I’m wandering in the opposite direction, cute guy, extremely well built, not my usual type (but still – it’s Sunday, can’t be too picky), as we pass, we look each other in the eye, my gaydar goes off. Few steps later, I’m not thinking but turn around to check him out. Damn – he’s stopped and turned around too. A cold shiver runs down my spine. I freeze then turn away quickly. I continue down the block. F*ck, f*ck, f*ck. I turn around again. He’s still standing looking at me, but now with that “hello I’m over here” face.

I quickly turn and beeline it down the street. I’m turning into quite the chickenshit or a huge tease (choose one or both). Is my gaydar that accurate now? Did I unwittingly join the other team and my own beacon now transmitting some silent signal for others to receive? Whatever it is, I’m not wearing that Pink Feather Boa again in public (just in case).

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  1. Damn, and I always thought you looked so good in that pink feather boa……

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