A quick update. Tiger Cub and I have secured an apartment in Virgina. New, hi-tech, super kitchen with granite and stainless, quiet, an office area and only a few minutes walk to the subway and then < 10 min to central DC. TC would have preferred to be in DC, but like the cat he is, I left him to wander the new 'hood for a couple of hours and he proclaimed it livable.

We're both a bit anxious as we roll into the weekend. Not so much about living together, we're fine on that front having already lived together for for most of the last year, but this time it's going to be a bit more serious, the game is changing, we both know it. The reality of it all will set in in the next days.

I'm at home this afternoon, packing, it's a bit surreal, an entire house full of stuff, my stuff, but I will take only the bare essentials, a desk, chair, bed, computer, clothes, linens, etc. I find it difficult to fathom after so many years that this will be my life going forward and that I leave with scant little.

This would be difficult alone and with a nasty family situation. But TC has poured the love on in the last days and my wife has been supportive as well. I'm glad to stay away from the gay world for the moment. Plow ahead, nose down.