The maid is tapping on my door, the LCD TV on the wall has got CNN on mute of this boutique hotel. Me? I’m sprawled 6 different ways in the king size bed. WTF time is it? Sh*t. It’s 8:30 a.m. I’ve got a 10 a.m. flight. I’m downtown. The airport isn’t. Throwing on my clothes for last night, what’s that? I’ve got a pocket full of condoms. Where? How? Welcome to Chicago.

I’m in Chicago, bunch of meetings this past week. Called Richard, my 22 year old Chicago friend who I’d met in Roscoe’s 2 months ago. We’ve talked a lot on the phone, but this is my first return visit to the city. I asked Richard if I could take him to dinner, I’d re-arrange my schedule, just tell me what night. He picked Thursday. Great, look forward to seeing you. Richard and I never hooked up and I was hoping we’d just be friends, he is cute and he likes me (I think) but distance, age and my reformed ways have me on my good behavior.

Well Thursday afternoon, I’m stuck in traffic, so I call. “Oh I have to work tonight”. What? “Yes, I told you”. No you didn’t. “Oh maybe I didn’t, sorry. Well I’ll call you when I get off work at 9 and come into the city”. That would be so nice. Of course, Richard doesn’t call, I certainly aren’t calling him anymore and thus my list of gay friends dwindles to almost zero. I found it interesting how Richard always complained about how fickle gay guys were, how difficult it was to create a relationship and no one wants to make the effort. I need to get him a mirror for Christmas. No matter, like disposable wipes, I’m getting good at tossing things away.

But he’s not going to stop me from having fun. Ha! I call Tim. Tim is a former work colleague, gay, white dude early 30’s, has a 7 year live-in boyfriend (Mexican) and his previous one was 5 years (Filipino). We go to dinner. 2 drinks in me I decide to bring Tim into the fold and tell him my story. He’s cool with it. “My friend, you have a Latino problem!”. OK maybe just a little. “So do I, we’re going out to tonight, I’m showing you my town”.

We hit a couple of places for warm-up. A Honduran friend of his, school teacher, joins us. Fully under our own power, we enter Circuit Night Club on Halsted. I am unprepared for this. It’s a huge dance hall with a couple hundred Latino guys dancing. I’m breathless. Tim nudges me, “so what kind of Latino do you like?”. You mean they come in different flavors. Oh boy! I wanna try all of them. And to think, they’re only about 20 white guys in the entire place.

Well I am a good boy. But it’s pure beauty to watch the moves these guys can make. Our Honduran friends strips off his shirt and dances on one of the platforms, incredible body, I’m stunned. 4 a.m. I manage to get back to my hotel, total time in hotel room 4.5 hours.