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I’ve written a couple of you privately and finally figured what the hell, I should tell everybody. OK here goes. I have not yet had full on sex with TC. Nope, none of that, despite having spent 3 long weekends together, dinners, touring, theater — nope we haven’t done the nasty.

And you know what, I’m glad. I’m the horny dog here, I certainly gave it my best effort, but he politely and elegantly keep his distance from my moving parts. He had a frank discussion with me, his rule is that he only does that with someone he’s having a relationship with and even then he wants proof they had recently been tested. Let me tell you, for someone only 23 years old, I was impressed, I was suddenly more emotionally connected to him. He was in charge of himself both physically and emotionally. I’ve tried to respect his rule, but it’s more of a guideline for me, if you know what I mean 😉

I’ll give you another private data point. I don’t function real well with someone I don’t know or am not comfortable with, I’m talking orgasm. Nope, just sometimes doesn’t happen. This has never happened with my wife. Always a happy ending. The first time, I wondered whether something was wrong. Now I know – the emotional connection has to be there or the machinery simply doesn’t function. I’m happy with that too.

So on this Christmas eve, I wish that I shall see TC in one weeks time and hope that he doesn’t float away like so many other guys have done.

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  1. Happy holidays buddy. All the best for 2008!

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