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Sorry, it’s that time of the month (again)

People often ask me how I’m dealing with all these moving parts in my life. I don’t see it as that complicated. But re-reading my posts from the last couple of days, I’m clearly in a bad mood.

Yesterday, I practically ripped TC a new one in my posting. I was just gonna dump him. Luckily, I didn’t talk to him. I need to settle down. Take it easy. He’s doing his thing. It will all work out. An if it doesn’t, the clock will keep on ticking. I guess I’m stressed out and just don’t realize it.

Stress comes in layers. It’s never a single thing that pushes you over the edge. It’s a whole bunch of little things that just add up to one big cluster f*ck. I’ve got my family situation, trying to find a place & move, logistics of traveling in Europe and the Euro team has “discovered” and calling/writing. In the midst of this I’m balancing some yet to be defined love relationship plus a whole bunch of new London contacts I’m trying to develop as social friends. AND LET’S NOT forget my Italian stallion who I’ve got on my easy “7-steps to being gay” program. I’ll see that stud in 2 weeks in Milan. Here kitty kitty kitty. OK – so some things about me never change 🙂

Pushing all the buttons at the same time is colorful but there are consequences. Time to take a chill pill. So I apologize for my rantings.

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  1. Rant away. hope you are still going to therapy

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