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Adam is one of Single in the City’s friends who seemed semi-normal (SIC does most of his friend hunting at outpatient clinics) and we got introduced at one of SIC’s last events. Adam has been terribly sweet and staying in touch with us (us being Scrappy and me) and last night we made it to dinner with him and had a great evening.

Adam is single, queer as he can be and not buff. He was lamenting about how awful the gay scene was in Sydney and how guys were either too buff or too desperate for a boyfriend.  On and on he went. But Adam got all misty eyed talking about Brazil. Oh how great Brazil was. He’s been twice for several months at a stretch. The people are nice, the guys are buff but don’t care what you look like, life is relaxed. He was talking about gay heaven.

I have some bad news for you. The gay scene is a McDonald’s franchise. It’s nearly the same in every country. Yes there’s always a bit of a spin but at some low level there are the pretty untouchable boys, the uptight bitches, the muscle boys. Whether they speak French, Spanish or Thai, it’s all the same shit all the time.

But inevitably, my lonesome homos all get misty eyed about someplace other than where they are. The boys there cuter, friendly, kinder, sweeter, nicer, buffer, hotter and it’s pure shit wherever they currently are. It’s a broken record.

I think straight couples get together likely due to some primal need. Women want to have children, be settled and they drag some hapless twit who seems half nice into the circle and let the games begin. A couple of kids and then old age creeps in and whether you like them all that well or not, if you haven’t killed them already, you probably have found some acceptance and comfort with them.

How many couples of any sort are truly widely in love? Yes they do exist but many simple have found a mate and that’s good enough. This sounds like settling and gays aren’t good at that word, because they don’t have a primal need (other than sex). So it’s a struggle and I don’t have an easy answer.

It’s Eduardo’s birthday by the way. He’s, I think 30, old man now. I sent him a birthday email. He didn’t reply, didn’t really expect him too. He may have deleted it immediately, put me in his spam filter, or sat and thought about it and debated whether to reply or not. I got amused thinking about it, so the email was mostly for my own amusement.

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  1. The gay scene in Turkey is better than Sydney – it is not a franchise …..

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