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Sometimes words don’t explain it all

You can’t always say what you feel. Maybe the words just won’t come out. Maybe you’ve been burned in the past. Maybe you’re just scared of what it all means. But your actions speak louder than words.

Thinking back to last week, TC and I are at London City Airport heading to Belfast. It’s a small plane. One of those designed for short runways. The plane literally hops into the air and goes straight up. As the plane is rumbling down the runway, Chris slides his hand under my own hand. No words are exchanged. I wrap my fingers around his. His action says it all.

Later the following week, strolling thru busy Leicester Square on a crisp evening, Chris put his arm thru mine as we’re walking along. Again nothing is said. A few moments later, he turns to me and exclaims, “I never have done that before”. What I ask? “I just grabbed hold of you in a public place, I don’t do that normally”. I smile. He smiles. We walk ahead.

Sometimes life just deals you a nice card.


  1. Mate, that sounds lovely! It actually sounds like, despite the ups and downs, you’re both kinda working out your relationship! Which is great!!! 🙂

  2. Someone’s in love 🙂

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