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My gay professional organizer sent me a note about our “meeting” the other night, 20 guys showed up nice dinner. He casually indicated that 2 of the guys there were HIV+.

After quickly washing my hands with really hot water, rinsing my mouth and brushing for a good 20 minutes, I said OMG. He wouldn’t tell me which of the 20 were scanky ass whores. I mean 18. I’m as pure as a mountain stream and he’s (well let’s not go there). So 2 out 18 that 11% or 11.11%. Shit that’s a big damn number.

The CDC published today that 1 in 5 men who have sex with other men (not that they’re gay and NOT that there’s anything wrong with that, wink wink) in 21 major US cities are HIV positive. Worse 50% of these fruitbaskets aren’t even aware of it.

I’m making a list cause I ain’t even going to visit any of those 21 cities for sure. Thank god lists.

I’m hanging out with great people. In Washington, DC the HIV rate for gay men is 14% . It’s 3% for the general population (> 1% is considered anĀ epidemic) which means about 15-20k people are wandering around in DC right now. This is one sleazy city.


  1. You have made some offensive, homophobic and gay bashing comments in the past. This surpasses all your prior efforts. (I’m HIV-, and intend to stay that way. I do not, however, share your opinion that HIV+ men as “sleezy.” Chris, stop showing ignorance, start showing compassion.

    p.s.: If your post was meant as “sarcasm,” “humor,” “wittiness” — you ahve failed.

  2. I know you will say you don’t care what other thing, even thought I know you do. When you say crap like this, it really makes you sound like an asshole.

  3. OMG, you were either high when you wrote this, or just extremely misguided in thinking it is humor in any sense of the word.

  4. Now I remember why I stopped reading your blog… That’s just wrong Chris…

  5. OK guys, I think Chris got the message that this was a mistake. He probably was trying to take a serious issue and give it his snarky twist and it didn’t work. Live and learn.

  6. Ouch…

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