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Amusing communications mishap from last week. I’m enroute to Toronto to see Chris and sitting at the Dulles airport. I’m a bit nervous so I’m texting Prof. Tim about the upcoming visit. Chris’s birthday is later in the month and I’ve gotten him a present. So I text Tim, “Chris’s BD this month bringing him some toys”.

There is a several minute lapse before I receive a reply. My phone chirps, I open the message.

“Chris – you don’t know your Chris that well yet, I suggest you talk to him a bit before busting open your treasure chest on him”.

What is Tim talking about? I’m re-reading the messages. OMG, did I say toys (e.g. sexual toys)? I meant gift/present. Oh dear (snicker). I call Tim. I try and explain. Tim in even tones, “I’m not judging you, whatever makes you happy Chris and between consenting adults”. “Gift — Present NOT toys”, I’m yelling at the phone.

I’m laughing so hard, tears streaming down my face. What a way to travel.

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  1. the Boi Toy with bedroom toys…….the mind boggles.

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