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Some people have FaceBook. I have this blog an entire website, dedicated to my favourite person — me! Obviously, whatever I’m doing is far more interesting than what you are doing. Or so it would seem. I’ve collectively done nothing this weekend, reaching the pinnacle of boredom. I did organize my socks into color groups. No TC, means no tiger and no claws.

I’m off though to enjoy ribs at my house today. In the course of the last month, my wife and I have talked a lot more. More than we did it would seem when we were married or rather lived together. She’s quite focused on getting the boys out the door on the best possible condition. Learning new curse words to utter at them. Teen age boys are near about impossible to manage. Allowing herself a bit of ‘her’ time and setting herself up for the next chapter in her life. As well, she’s nurturing a new relationship with me. She steadily is making progress.

If I were looking for a template to follow, it would seem I had one right in front of my eyes from one of the most balanced person I know. I’m not content with steady progress. I want some break thru. But isn’t slow steady progress really the long term winner?

Like organizing my socks, it shouldn’t be too difficult to sort out ‘what’ I should be doing, socially, personally, professionally. Little tasks for each compartment and simply follow the template. It may be god awful boring, but slowly progress unfolds.


  1. Well you have responsibilities in life……and it’s a long race to the end (hopefully)…..

    Personally I found boys a great deal easier to deal with than girls. My son was a piece of cake (we just arrived home today from his wedding this past Saturday……he’ll be just fine). My daughter on the other hand was always contrary…..bitchy, secretive, disruptive…..but yeah also loving. I enjoyed being with her and her boyfriend at the wedding. You have it a lot better than most gay married men. A wife that still loves you and was wise enough to know to let you go (in which case she was able to keep you… a good way), a boyfriend, far too young…..but that is of so little importance. You are both looking for a balance…..and I think that you’re allowing him his freedom has made him love you more.

    Let all your family, boys, wife and boyfriend know it’s them you love and support.

  2. Your wife is so cool!!

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