I’m sitting at the Madrid airport, the 5 days here have flown, so many cute young boys, so little time. I’m afraid, dear reader, you don’t rank very high when a cute latino is involved. I have much to say, but it will all have to wait until tomorrow.

I was getting busted by TC about every 10 meters. If you like brown boys, Madrid is the city to come visit. We stayed in Chueca, gay town for Madrid, full of restaurants and bars. I must say these people party on. We left one club at 3 a.m total exhausted and ready for bed, but more people were coming into the club than leaving. I would likely age fast here.

Despite the party activity, TC and I have spent a good amount talking about our relationship. There are many changes looming in the next weeks. We had a coffee today before I departed, Chris, tears in his eyes, finally showing to me an emotional side he’s been hiding.

I don’t know what’s in the next chapter for us, me. But I’m sure there will be a next chapter.