I’m gonna be a tough guy to hang out with for the next months. Zipping around different countries, never staying long anywhere, rumbling along in my trunk are all the issues I’m dealing with. We all have issues, just gotta deal with them one at a time.

I’m cutting short this Euro trip and will head back across in next day or two. I’ll return again in 2 weeks. Going to Milan, will see the Italian stallion for work. He came over and sat with me at dinner last night, the buzz from my work colleagues increasing in volume as he took a photograph of us together. I’m definitely putting him in the hot catagory. Much as I’d like to think he was hitting on me, the reality, our table was just fun and like any young person, he wanted to be a part of that.

TC and I spoke last night. In a gentle way, I’ve been pressuring him to get his act together. We all need a coach. Good and bad news. He’s gonna quit the movie theater job, I think it was demeaning to him.  So that’s good. He’s lucked up and yesterday got a full-time job at the SOHO gay bar where he previously worked. He’s an easy hire for behind the counter eye candy. Unfortunately, this means working late nights and especially weekends. This will free afternoons to focus on what he really wants to do.

Unfortunately, this also means hanging out on weekends or taking short trips together is gonna be tough. If there’s enough energy between us, we’ll figure it out. I afraid to say I miss him.