Been keeping relatively busy. Per my earlier post, going to keep people details down. But Thursday night, christ – do I have to go out. It’s showtime again?? I shower, dress up and wander the handful of blocks to Halo, the more professional scene bar. I’ve got no script, no appointments, I working without a net tonight folks, a good NASCAR pileup is likely.

Taking a big gulp, I dive in, fair crowd already there, I make my way to the bar and spot a guy I’ve seen before, he’s a staple patron in Halo and had hit on me before. I say hello, he offers to buy me a drink. Yes, he’d like to hit on me some more, but quickly understands my vibe, no, not my type. Nonetheless, he’s happy to have a companion and I’m happy he’s there by me. Stephanus is 34, builder body, got a great job, intelligent, we’re just enjoying chatting and he wanders me thru the bar.

I’m talking about my concern that I’m chasing far too young guys for my age.  He motions to the cute bartender, “Christian – how old are you?” 21, he answers. “How old is your boyfriend?” 41. “How long have you two been together?” 2 years. Stephanus looks at me, “Do you have any more questions?” No, I don’t.

It’s now 10 p.m. – 2 drinks in me, time to go home. Exiting, I run into another familiar face, Henry. “Where you going? You can’t be going home at this early hour?” He drags me back into the bar to meet his friends.

I’m drinking club soda at this point. Henry is dragging me about the bar and takes me to meet a group of 3 guys. The middle one looks up only briefly during the introduction. Latino, black hair, gorgeous almond brown eyes, light tan skin, sweet smile. His eyes hit mine. I’m immediately a Virginia ham, fully cooked ready to slice and eat. No, please not another one like this.

A long story short – the Latino and I hit it off and I’m not going to talk about it further. What was interesting, the 2 other guy were his best friend and the friend’s boyfriend. Before I could even talk to my new found friend, I had to pass muster with his gang. 30 minutes of questioning about who I was, my motives, my sexual history, what I wanted, why I was out tonight and and and. Thank god I wasn’t drinking at this point. Obviously, I answered correctly to all the questions, because they opened the gate to allow me to talk alone with him. Little did they know, I had been keeping my tiger in his cage.