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Going back to sleep

There are 600 postings to read here, spanning a period of 3 long years, covering every topic imaginable, dealing with every situation that could possibly happen. It’s time for a rest, at least for the moment.

I have my trusty sidekick, TC, with me. He’s 26, I’m 49. We’re an odd couple, but we’re also¬†inseparable. ¬†He recognized this week he’s now celebrated 3 birthdays with me. Our life is ordinary. I look for work, work on my current company project. We cook, shop, clean, watch TV and play; basically we can spend 24×7 with each other without a moment of boredom. It’s called life.

Yes, we bicker (almost constantly) and there is a real risk he will leave me again, neither he nor I are settled, but it’s really all about ‘right now’ and right now, it’s OK, not great, but OK. I hope for an improvement. Something will happen, always does. I’ll let you know.

My wife is fine with basically everything as are my kids and frankly I really don’t give a sh*t what opinion, thought or emotion anyone else has about who I am and what life I’m living. Go f’up your own life, odds are your doing a fine job already without my help.

The blog will remain, of course, neither wind, nor sleet nor snow has caused me to ever close it. Though it has operated at great personal risk. Serving those seeking help, guidance and comfort and that while the trail may not look well traveled, others have been this way before, just stay on the path and you’ll be fine.

Be right back.


  1. Peace Chris and many thanks.

  2. Ok, I’ve gone through this once before……I can only hope for your return. Much luck and love to both you and TC.

  3. hey mate..

    Happy belated birthday!!! I miss your writing already. Who is going direct readers to my blog. Be right back please!

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