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Shut-up, I don’t wanna hear about it

I’m in London, TC showed up at midnight after work. A nice night, we went for a walk around various neighborhoods, just talking, chatting, getting back to hotel about 3 a.m.

With all the business activity in Europe, I’m likely to be better served getting an apartment here. Clearly London is calling (TC the siren song). It’s expensive here. A one bedroom furnished apartment costing about > $3,000 a month if in central London. But with company allowances, doable.

I discussed with Chris living with me. Now before you get all huffed up and drop your popcorn up in the cheap seats, follow my logic. When I’m in London, Chris basically moves into my hotel suite with me, so not likely to be any different with my own apartment. So why not just make it official. I’m gone most of the time and he’d be responsible for caring for the apartment. He needs a break and I’m in a position to give it to him.

The reality, Chris’s work permit expires this summer and he’s likely to have to return home. Obtaining UK residency isn’t easy. For me with two passports, I can travel, work and reside at will within the EU. The ‘net is whatever I do with Chris, he’s likely to have to return back to Canada sooner rather than later.

Writing this, it dawns on me that while Chris won’t like hurt me emotionally, him being forced to leave the country, might. We’ve grown quite attached to one another other.  Our conversations are wide open, we’re sharing a lot of emotional stuff. But other than a few months of “together” time, I’m not sure what I can offer him.

So if I know how this story ends, should I end it now, downgrade this to a friendship or do what so many guys (straight or gay) do and simply go radio silent and let the boat drift away?


  1. Your plan makes sense. Just continue to do what is best for you; Chris will do the same for himself. Be careful, though, you might find yourself harboring an illegal alien eventually…

  2. Maybe you should explore Canadian residency? LOL…start up some business deals in Toronto!

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