In Berlin, I’m still thinking about Chris. I know, I need to move on. It was nice but its over.

But why did I buy him those shoes? I didn’t need too. He truly wasn’t expecting them. He offered to pay his share at each bar or restaurant, I let him buy some drinks. For the rest, well, I just picked it up, come on, he’s struggling.

I keep thinking and it hit me. He had said he didn’t have many pairs (unlike me with serious shoe problem). I wanted him to remember me.

I imagine there will be times, when he puts those shoes on, and he will think of me for a split second and the moment we had. Years from now, tattered and torn, he may want to discard them and with that the memory.

I suspect, based upon our conversations, he will keep them for a long time. In the back of the closet, as permanent rememberance of his journey to Cologne.

It’s a warm feeling I plan to keep for awhile.