After 2 years with TC, there isn’t any big surprises sexually with him, been there, done that. As the emotional attachment has risen along with his prominence in my life, let’s just say things have become a bit more ‘plain jane’. Not bad mind you, just warm and familiar.

I remembered some previous blog entry I’d written; where I discussed warm and familiar on the path to becoming old and bored; which becomes daddy is out whoring around. The thrill of the chase. Men think with their dicks I tell all the straight women and never ever forget that.

I don’t want boring happening. So I picked up the phone and called TC, it was morning and he was scampering around his parent’s house doing laundry (which I personally have never witnessed, but several have professed to sighting this action from him). I proceeded to tell him in explicit detail what I planned to do to him the next time I saw him, a few of which are still illegal in a couple of states. At the end of my 5 minute narrative, all I could hear was TC gasping on the end of the phone. “Have a nice day”, and I rang off, who says you need aerobic exercise.

Whatever your sexual orientation, it’s easy to fall into a trap of thinking sex isn’t all that important in a relationship. Companionship, love bla bla. Well you’re FOS and I look forward to hearing about you whoring around behind your partner’s back. Sometimes as you get emotionally close, you don’t want to express your real needs. Maybe you wanna be spanked, have toys, be a toy, or simply more sex, the list is endless and you know what, good for you, keep the game interesting. If you’re not happy with the situation, well sound off.

We all want to be attractive to our partner and deep down at some animal level we all want to be sexually attractive. I know it’s dirty and for church goers out there (well I don’t go to church). So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and have your first dirty phone call of the day. Embarrass both yourself and your partner (best to wait until they’re in a public place with a lot of friends/colleagues around and can’t reply). But it will spark things up and both of you will be happy.

I note, if this would be your 4th dirty phone call of the day, perhaps you are taking too liberal usage of my advice.