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Posting for any new reader or in case you’ve fallen behind (shame on you).

It’s May 2008, hard to believe that it’s been 2 years since I first slept with my Mexican intern in a classy hotel in Mexico City. So here I am. Two years later, semi-out, left my family, wife knows, her family knows, handful of my friends know. The first year, I ran around in secrecy, this last year though has been pure hell.

I’ve run away from home, first to London, now in Cologne Germany. I support my family and do all the right things, but just need a change of environment.I had a brief slutty period, the combination of age and sensibility kicking in, realizing what you want and more importantly what you don’t. Doesn’t help I like to shop on the fresh fruit aisle. I don’t wanna repeat that period.

Seven months ago (has it been that long), I met an adorable guy wandering the streets ironically of Cologne. Canadian, he lived in London. Well, one thing led to another with a dab of fate and he moved in with me in February 2008. It’s all been very quick and there have been sparks along the way. Oh, did I mention, he’s half my age. I forget so much these days. TC (same name as me, the irony continues) have been inseparable and he’s come along with me to Cologne as well. But sadly, he returns to Canada in June. Major drama on line 1, can you hold please?

Whatever happens, I will continue, maturity says there is always a new opportunity just around the bend. I wouldn’t say I’m happy or unhappy for the moment, still in a period of ether.

Writing this blog, I’ve received contact from guys in similar situations themselves. They turned to the ‘net, hoping to find an answer, a path forward, some light to guide their way. I hope by accident I say something that helps.

Photo above of TC at Windsor Castle, the Long Walk, black cap, porn star glasses and a T-shirt. He’s my puppy.


  1. Chris,
    The Long Walk…..huh, yep you’re on it alright. But everyone is if you think about it. Gay, straight, whatever they are all on a long walk. We just happen to be more interested in the path you choose as most of us have wandered across it, if not on it, in our journey.

  2. 7 months! wow! Chris, good on you for wanting to share your life with us! We’ve all had our ups and downs on the “long walk” but in the end, I find that happiness is in the “the walk” – the journey – rather than the destination! Hugs!

  3. yes chris has indeed been a long walk,but with some help from you and many others am now divorced,out and staring to put pieces back together, thank you friend for sharing your life, your ups and downs and the journey you have taken us all on….ain’t this a wild ride buddy

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