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Season Recap: No summer re-runs

Image300 I’m back in Germany, did you miss me? Or maybe you just stumbled upon this blog and are thinking WTF is this guy doing? Got you interested, huh. With the summer heat, thought it might be a good pause to recap for the new readers just WTF this is all about. It’s about me (what else). Unfortunately, if you’re reading this – it’s about you now isn’t it, you fruit.

It’s about me becoming a full on fag after years of married life with 2 great kids, a wonderful wife, a 2 car garage and a full 2 years into this process. Along with the way, I’ve fought it, given up and just went with it, been terribly happy and terribly miserable, sometimes all in the same day. In all, I’ve been left wondering when will this end and more importantly when will it really begin.

I started documenting all this almost from the beginning. 400+ postings with nothing left to the imagination, if it happened, I wrote about it, the good, the bad and even the ugly. Along the way I destroyed my family life, ran away from home, screwed around and screwed up, made some new friends and lost some old ones.

This hasn’t been your normal “daddy likes cock” story, where daddy finally outs himself (to the surprise of no one who always thought he was a little light in the loafers) and runs off with his gym buddy to Key West. Nope. But I did run away, run I did, all the way to Cologne Germany where I’m hiding out for the moment, trying to piece together what’s next.

Just as I thought my outing was complete, I go and get involved with a 23 year old guy, which is easy to remember, just divide my age by 2, cause I like my youngin’s. “Eat fresh” being my motto. We’ve been together 7 months and it’s pretty serious, days I curse that we met and nights I’m not sure I can live without him. He’s now a big part of the story and I’m glad we’re together, my tiger cub.

So if you’re reading this, must have a reason. Perhaps trying to be a homo no’mo, perhaps seeking some understanding, or maybe just looking for answers.  I hope I can help, certainly couldn’t hurt.

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  1. hey you….you are such a good writer and your stories are getting better and better. Just flew back from the states…having transpacific/international relationship issues…wanna move back to the states but I’m in love with british/aussie boy…huh…hope we can catch up in person next month in germany. Will email you my Cologne dates

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