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In London, had a only an hour to check out the SoHo bar area, Monty had recommended a few places and that’s all the hints I needed. Off I go. 7:30 p.m. Friday night, the streets are packed. It’s cold out. People are actually sitting outside having dinner. Call me crazy.

Prices here send even my traveled soul into a spin. 7.50 pounds for a vodka and soda, roughly US$15.00 at the bar Friendly Society, full of young seal pups (I felt like a polar bear hunting). How does TC afford anything here? I’m thinking of calling Gay Banker and begging him to take me in, this place is expensive for us 3rd world dwellers.

CEO and I talked last night, he wants me to focus on the Netherlands, Germany and Spain, figure out a travel schedule, get an apartment if I want (probably Amsterdam) and just get on with it. We have a Euro quarterly review in Belfast (god help me) early January and they’ll announce me then. I’ll be an employee at large here as well.

I’m starting to wonder whether this is such a good idea. If I am truly Mr. Relationship, zipping from one country to another then back to the U.S. probably every 3 weeks for a week or so, means having a relationship anywhere is gonna be tough. Maybe that’s good, it’s clearly going to be a change.


  1. Maybe you can focus on work and the relationship will just come! I’d love to be based in Amsterdam!!!

  2. If you need some good ideas, Gay Banker is a very good person to know!!! Sorry about Friendly Society! 🙂

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