Flashback Munich Germany Sascha Breuer, is today one of the leading fashion hairstylists in Europe, in October 1990 though he was cutting my hair. He played a role in my wife and I getting together. He still talks about it to this day.

I’m seated waiting for Sascha, in walks this tall drop dead gorgeous girl. She sits down next to me. A tasty snack. I start talking to her (in English no less), no clue what I’m even saying. She’s stunned, but is too polite and responds in a crisp British accent. She’s German and works for the a French bank. It’s a 2 minute conversation. Sascha comes out, I ask him to wait a moment. He smiles, “you two look nice together”. We both blush. Conversation ends.

The next day, I start calling French banks looking for her. All I’ve got is a first name and an unknown French bank, not much to go on. Second bank I call, receptionist tells me that yes they have an employee by that first name, “just a moment please”. I hold. Receptionist comes back, “I’m sorry she stepped away, could I have her return the call”. Sure, but no call back that day though.

Next day,  I call again. Same routine. “I’m sorry she’s in the middle of something, can she return the call”. I call again “She’s stepped out of the office”. Well, I called that office every day at 9:15 a.m. for a solid month. I was totally amused with the different excuses the poor receptionist thought up.

Until 30 days in, I’m on hold a long time. This is going to be a great excuse. Suddenly, my long sought after girl is on the phone. (I later learned the receptionist had finally told her to deal with me or else). She meekly says hi. I launch into my now well rehearsed pitch, “I’m new in town (only 2 years – new is relative right), I liked you, would love to take you out for just a drink as a friend (me, dangerous? never)”. OK she says. GREAT!!! Progress. OK when, I flip open my appointment book. Thinking sometime later in the week perhaps? Thursday is looking good.

Well, I get a drink date alright, a freaking whole month later. Yes – an entire month later, we arrange to meet after work for a drink! I’m barely holding it together.

The appointed day arrives. That’s it little girl, I’m bringing out the heavy artillery. I take 1/2 day off, car detailed, I scope out a nice French cafe, I have a restaurant reservation on back-up, clothing selecting, route mapped, the fix is in. The charm gun is set to kill.

It’s 5:30, she is waiting for me. Off to the Cafe, we get cozy. Stupid me, my first question, “So why after all this time are you going out with me?”. “Well”, she shyly begins, “my boyfriend has been wondering about this too.” No shit. Stunned would be an understatement.

Well – we have a nice evening together, we go to dinner, I drive her home, I’m a perfect gentlemen. We agree to meet up with some of her friends in the next weeks.

to be continued ….