OK, it’s time I admitted it. I go for brown, wavy black hair, soft brown eyes and a softer personality, well dressed, intelligent and a good listener. But no white guys (tastes like chicken). Don’t know why, it’s just me.

Last night, I hurried into the living room to watch the final moments of American Idol. My wife looking on with scorn. The problem is Sanjaya could be the younger twin of Ken (scary how close they look).  Sanjaya, he can’t sing, but he’s cute. Leave him with me for an hour, he’ll sing different (maybe not better). sic. It was sad, he cried, poor guy, he really seems genuine. The sensitive type. His sister is adorable too. I know, I’m bad.

Perhaps it was the look in my eye. But my renewed interest in American Idol sparked a big argument with my wife. A string of obscene remarks from her about my interest in men. It hurts, I try and limit my response.

I seem to like sparking these discussions. Not sure why. But I do. Maybe because I just want this out. Maybe I want my wife to throw me out. Maybe I’m in denial and need to hear others tell me.

Maybe I just don’t know.