I apologize, I was too lame to update the IP address recently and this blog went dark. I’m not putting a lot of care and feeding in to this, but I do know that people discover it, start the beginning, read the whole damn thing and somehow I hope it helps them.

I’m enduring a bit of culture shock in San Francisco. The number of homeless people (all mental ill from what  I can figure) is scary, entire city smells of piss. The lack of any transportation system (buses stop on each corner and it faster to walk than endure a smelly bus filled with homeless people ranting).  My biggest shock is how soft Americans are in this uber liberal city. I may have to become a Republican again. But I digress (again).

Scrap doodle also known as my partner/BF/BFF/live-in has gone by to Canada for the summer and my 21 year old son moved in with me so he could complete a summer internship. I’m living with boxes of stuff and still haven’t fully unpacked. Adding my current job isn’t the most stable and not helping, I hate it anyways. So I came to the city to find a new opportunity and so I shall.

Scrappy and I visited the Castro, and in fairness the city is very gay friendly it’s almost as if it doesn’t matter. But similar to Hong Kong, we don’t hang out in the ‘hood or feel some need to be in close contact with the gay community. Is that bad?

I told Scrappy as we landed in San Francisco, that the tone of our relationship needed to change, it’s time to re-up. It’s hard to believe in 7 years together I’ve never met his family and perhaps he’s not met my family (brother or parents) but he knows my wife & kids. The brown pseudo-Indian culture perhaps makes this difficult. They never ask him a single question about his relationships or how or why he’s in some city. It’s actually their loss isn’t it.

Periodically I will skim the skanky sites and indeed there are married men looking for trouble. I wonder whether they actually follow thru or simply voyeurs. Maybe they just have some dark side they need explore for jollies. I fully understand when men get caught doing something and get asked the obvious question, “why’d you do it”, they have this big dunno face. I don’t think they (we) really know. As long as you’re within the bounds of legal and no one getting hurt I guess you’re fine. The moral compass element perhaps missing, but I’m not a bible thumper, I’m realistic about how the world really works.

So please read, enjoy, laugh, cry but the biggest difference in us from other animals is our ability to think, so try that out every now and again.