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I'm living in a spare bedroom, I'm working in a spare bedroom, my life for the moment is in a spare bedroom. This is my life, a measured 13 x 13 room.  My wife is all quite pleasant, she cooks wonderful meals, coffee is standing ready in the morning, we sit and watch the news, my clothes get washed and I'm generally left to my own devices.

Unfortunately, this bitch in one bad ass mood. It's like walking around with a rattlesnake in the room. One wrong move and I'm going down. I've rationalized about my need to stay home, bad economy, life's turn of events. My checklist is complete. But it's all BS.

You gotta face facts. Sleeping with boys and being married, well that just ain't a good combo, no matter what the guy at Jack in The Box is telling you (or how hot he is). The excuses loom. But I'm in my comfort zone. Or am I?

No, I'm not comfortable. In fact the whole house isn't comfortable. It's all strange. I'm not sleeping well, in fact, I only sleep well with my brown pup tucked securely under my arm and where the f*ck is he? In some deep freeze in Canada. Great.

I see this all as hard and you have two options. Shirk from responsibility or step up to the plate. I don't care about this n' that, that's all tactical. Life is too short not to do the right thing. So I'll give myself until the New Year, but this base camp, I'm in, is temporary. It will be time to pack up and get underway again soon, first of the year, Alpha 5 moves out. Come along, bring your own damn rations.


  1. Gor for it Chris! I’m loving how this is turning out – despite my initial misgivings, you and TC seem utterly perfect for each other! It’s great!!! 🙂

  2. This post reminded me of how desperate I felt when I was trying to move out of my parents’ house. 😛

  3. Hey, Chris.
    Look at the bright side: you have a spare room to be in. I had to clear all my stuff out within months of moving out–and start with the stuff in the equivalent of the “spare room” so it could be rented out.
    But you’re certainly right about not being able to go home again–it’s not home anymore…
    Hang in there.

  4. I remember living in the spare room for 5 months. It was awkward. I moved out, but then continued to work from the “home” office for a year until the house sold. I’m so much more “content” (screw trying to be happy it’s far too difficult) in my present situation (thank you Geoff). Moving on is a good thing.

  5. i agree with sunshine its just like the time i lived with my parents when i was in high school and i couldnt wait to get out of there its so much fun to watch you living this all over again i love the way things are turning so good between you and tc just think about it both of you are living with your moms! aint it great to be in high school again? you get to do it all over again and this time do it right (or do’d him right LOL)

  6. Can you really blame your wife for being mad? Think about it….her whole future is tipped upside down, and it’s sure not her fault.
    So she’s fucking some older guy…good for her. She needs someone too. You’ve got TC…why shouldn’t she have someone?

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