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Rush Hour

TC is prepping to go to Europe. I was caught in a conference call late last night as he and his travel friend were attempting to get the best deal out of Eurostar from London to Paris. I’m excited for both of them, his friend will clearly be in whoring around mode and tempting my little brown Angel.

TC works to live, he’ll buckle down long enough to bankroll himself into the next adventure and off he’ll go. I’m living a bit thru his eyes. I’m excited for him. We all seem to be in such a hurry. A hurry to go just where exactly? Looking at my aging parents, a hurry to get dead? For that is indeed the last hymn to be sung.

I’m in a hurry to do the things that I want to do, be with the people I want to be with, see the places I want to see and hopefully be the person I want to be. Everything else is just a means to get there

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  1. Are you going with him??? TC lives the way we should all live..for the moment!

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