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Single in the City has quit his job, packed up and off on a 6 month adventure around the world. I wonder if he’s running away from something or running to what he wants. In fact, I ask myself this question on a regular basis. You look at my Travel Card and sure sounds like ‘home’ is anĀ elusiveĀ term in my dictionary.

I understand SIC, he wants a fresh coat of paint, a new canvas to start from and perhaps even some new colors in his jars. It’s a new chapter for him and it’s been new chapters for me as well. These chapters don’t have to be long (or short for that matter) but the question is the book we’re writing a collection of short stories or in fact a novel with a grand sort of ending?

In business, the question is whether you want to hire someone with 10 years of experience of 10 years of 1 year experiences. I used to think I wanted someone with 10 years of experience but I am changing that perception.

Change. I look at my colleagues and friends and as they age, change becomes more difficult. The pattern of life well worn, hard now to creep above the groove, perhaps even a tad scary to think of life without the comfort of the walls that we’ve worn. Some people put this down as maturity. But I see it more as fear, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. All quite real.

Scrappy Doo is one difficult character to manage. I recognize that most of our battles usually have with him trying to force change upon me. Old man as I am. He wants me to look at life differently. Slow down. Go down that road and who cares where it goes. Try something new. It’s difficult. I like the well worn all too well. But I have indeed changed, in more ways than one.


  1. Change is good. We all need it. I was in one place for 12 years, working in an industry for 10. I think it was a good track record.

  2. I find it (strange) that you get to Australia and one of your admirer’s Single Guy leaves………..I think you have to many “fans” that lust after you… are obviously one hot …….

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