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Rumours of my demise …

Have mostly been exaggerated.  I apologize to all homos, homo wannabe and INDCDON (who likes to take random pot shots).  I’ve been busy. Daddy has to work for a living and can’t read, write or rmathatic blogs all day long. I’ve been busy. So Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday (there I’ve covered the whole year).

But now I turn serious, I decided to go get HIV tested. Not for any particular reason but more as a “aint’ done that in a while”. Having lived in the ghettos of DC (most of the city) with near epidemic levels of AIDS, getting testing is a breeze. A walk-in clinic, few questions, no money, quick swab test and 15 minutes later you’re walking out ready to bang a new homie-g. In more serious speak, it’s pretty damn easy. At least based upon the single time I got tested.

So there I was in Sydney Australia and had an idle moment and figured now was a good time. So I got busy on the web looking about. Wasn’t so straight forward. Different locations, different rules and different schedules. I got confused so I dialed up a local clinic and asked. Well, it would seem Australia is stuck in the dark ages. They only do blood tests, which take a week for results, the free clinics require you to schedule an appointment and ooops, sorry nothing is available until next week. I hung up, clearly Australia has some work to do to improve their process.

Back in Hong Kong, I figured I’d try again. Another web search and up popped the Hong Kong AIDS foundation with a schedule of “no questions asked” clinics offered a few times during the week. I had questions though and attempted to call only to be greeted with voicemail saying the office wasn’t open and to try back again during office hours (though I was calling during office hours).

I finally managed to get thru and with only a few questions I was assigned a secret code word and told to go to a specific office address, ignore the name on the office door and be there at 1 pm sharp on Saturday. I arrived at 1 pm, banged on the door and was quickly ushered in with hushed tones. Hong Kong offers a 15-minute prick test and the tester asked a few questions for statistical purposes and the test performed. All negative and off I was sent packing.

In talking to the tester, a nurse who volunteers their time. He said that in Hong Kong Asian gay men don’t like to get tested and clearly want it to be done privately & discretely (hence all the secrecy). Having said that, he sets up shop at the area saunas and is surprised at how few takers he gets for the free 15-minute low hassle test. His message to me, HIV may be unreported. Great.




  1. I can usually figure out what your typographic errors really mean, but “rmathatic” has me stumped.

    Glad you’re back.

  2. HIV may be unreported ? What does that mean? Forget my shitty pot shots, and listen to frank advice -/ you need to get tested by your doctor (not some fucking free clinic) every 6 months. In DC (where I live) the doctor to. see us Rashbaum. His office is in the Hunan Rights building. This is not a laughing or let’s be snide matter, Get tested properly

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