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I often find that people who offer help are also the most likely ones to need help themselves. Excepting me, of course. I read various bloggers who seem to bemoan their circumstances, yet continue to do things the same way, hoping for a different outcome. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

Single in the City (he’s so cute) is having a crisis (mainly he just needs my attention, don’t get too close to the cage little boy) and I wrote him something I wished to share. You and only you have the power to change. You can change anything you want to whatever you want and you can do it starting right now. We all seem to like being rudderless, adrift at sea sending out a periodic SOS. It’s nice to be rescued and certainly ensures you don’t miss the next episode of Family Guy.

As I wrote him, we all periodically go down dead end roads. If you drive around enough, it happens. A venture, a relationship or simple something you thought you wanted to do. Often you don’t realize it’s a dead end road until you get to the end. But once you know it, or find it, no point crying over the wasted time and energy. You just gotta head on back to the main road and keep on truckin.

I struggle myself with TC. Are we on dead end road? It’s not clear yet and if it is, it will certainly have been a waste of gasoline. There’s no sign yet, no clear signal. So I ride along, head out the window, taking in the sights.  Might as well enjoy the ride after all.

A bizzion degrees in Dallas today. How do people live here? This place is clearly not on my list.


  1. I am cute. So are you. You are a wise man..with lots of life experience.

  2. Ah, somewhat short sighted Chris, about Dallas. Why don’t you go there in January or February when it can be 65 or 70 degrees, and see what you think then? Or come to Houston, better yet, which right now is so hot you can barely breathe, but has many winters where it never even gets to freezing. As someone I once knew told me, “You don’t need to shovel heat or humidity!”

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