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It’s Saturday night and I’m in Washington, DC. A city where the men look like their mother’s dressed them and the woman look like their mother. And what pray tell am I doing? I’ll tell you what I’m doing, I’m playing a mean game of Risk with my two sons and TC. Where I have yet to learn that while South America has all kinds of brown toys, it’s not a good region to build your power base. I am getting pummeled. My oldest son giving guidance tips to TC, who ironically seems to have the strongest position, though I note he is playing with the ‘pink’ blocks. The brown tiger and my kids are quite comfortable.

I’ve had the chance to catch up my favorite blogs and click around hoping to find something new. An overriding theme of many seems to be the woe is me, I’m a big fat queer, followed by their latest sexual escapade that inevitable doesn’t end right. In every escapade the guy is ‘hot’ and a cursory check of today’s Craiglist postings has lead me to conclude that there are no ugly gay guys. What a saving grace. I am researching my own hypothesis that the number of half naked guys posted on a blog is inversely proportional to how ugly the writer is.

But I digress.

I hope with my story, you do realize that things are going to be OK for you. It has been a major change for me to be myself. I’m not just talking about this sexual bullshit. I’m talking about being you. I have fretted about what my public image was, how others perceived me, worried about this, concerned about that. Inevitably, if you do something, someone is not going to like it, would have done it differently or not at all.  You should have spoke up, you should have kept quiet.

In my business life, I just love to hear from people who give me advice on my little start-up. This from folks whose entire lives have been 9-to-5 jobs, getting bi-monthly paychecks and whose primary worry is the company insurance co-pay. WTF do they know? Their lives lived well within the margins, good little workers

So if you’ve been living your life well within the margin, I’m sorry, you’re gonna have to step up your game a bit. Who the hell knows you might not be the smuck you think you are and surprise the most important person in your life — you.

I leave you with my favorite George Carlin.

“The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.”


  1. Are you referring to my own blog?? we can’t all have a nice pub to cuddle up to…we work with what we have! LOL

  2. Self employment can be this pits sometimes, just ask me. You wouldn’t want to buy a racehorse would you?

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