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At this hour, TC is sandwiched in the back seat, his parents up front, his aunt to his left, grandmother to the right. The family road trip from NYC back to Toronto has begun. Total flight time 9 hours and a bit. It’s the ‘ a bit’ piece that’s the real killer. The brown tiger will be back in his home country by nightfall and yup, I miss him. Nagging, bitching, snarling and clawing and that’s just when he’s asleep. But he’s still the brown tiger and in between, he can be quite sweet.

“No, I’m not a pessimist. At some point the world shits on everybody. Pretending it ain’t shit makes you an idiot, not an optimist.”

I am, of course, reading the book, “Shit my Dad Says” and it’s continuous howl for me with points of light for every reader. This quote seems most to reflect my mood of the last year.

Dinner, or rather ribs, last night was great fun, I drank too much and my wife didn’t want me to go home or rather back to my apartment. I realized she gets lonely too. Her stud boyfriend travels internationally as a government consultant, writing reports that no one reads and has been gone for the past month. So we sat and chatted about all sorts of things. She let me go with some left overs and I drove back in the dark.

A busy short week, I’m going up to New Jersey for an interview (yee haw) and then will meet up with Prof. Tim in NYC (yee haw).


  1. And of course, TC will be following your movements at all times… you’re not to be trusted (I think I have that right).

  2. What out NYC boys!!!!

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