July 2006 – My wife and 2 kids live in Europe for most of the summer seeing family and re-connecting with our roots. I visit for 2 weeks at some point, but I’m home alone for the remainder. Usually, I do projects around the house, this summer would be different.

With the Mexico fiasco, I was quickly running out of options. My wife has no clue, I’m divided into 2 different people. But otherwise, I’m handling the situation.

I decide to give JR’s another chance, I can do sleepover’s now. I know the drill, the dress and the look now. Making my way through the crowd, I assume my S&M (Stand & Model position). Though I’m 45, most folks figure I’m in my mid 30’s. 6’2", 175 lbs, though I’m no stud, I work out several times a week, salt n’ pepper hair and dressed in the latest J. Crew, I cut a nice picture.

Leaving later that night, I catch the eye of a smallish nicely toned mixed Puerto Rican-Irish (how is that possible), he looks to be in his late 20’s. He’s  under his own power, seems to know everyone in the place and clearly has a bit of Latino attitude. We start to talk, he has several friends with him in tow. It wasn’t too long, until we were making out in full swing. I’ll call him Stewart.

He wants me to come back to his place. His friends advise caution. We talk some more and then he decides it’s OK. I get questions like, "are you HIV positive, when was the last time you were tested." Wow. We go back to his place, located nearby, it’s a smallish 1-bedroom apartment. We have oral sex that night and again the next morning.

He knows I’m married with kids and is OK with that. What’s not to be OK with?