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We listen, but sometimes we don’t hear. At some point, you folks up there in the cheap seats, remind me when I’m all boo-hoo and everything about TC. He’s probably just a tad more calculating than I want to give him credit for.

The first time I saw him was at the Duesseldorf Airport baggage claim area. He was with an older graying guy, a little round, who was clearly taken with him. Let me start the story from where it begin.

Chris took off to Greece in late September, why I have no idea. But somehow he finds this girl to live with in a 1 bedroom flat. She’s working on an internet idea (who isn’t) and he’s offered to help. Well, he’s enjoying life in Athens. This girl, however, is getting bummed, he’s living with her, not really helping with whatever the business idea is and space is at a premium in the apartment.

So he meets Mr. German in a bar. Mr. German is a Lufthansas flight attendant (how novel) on holiday. Obviously, they have some kissy kissy time in Athens. Mr. German offers to fly Chris to Duesseldorf on a free employee pass. Chris figures his time in Greece is done, he’s never been to Germany, so sure, why not. Landing in Duesseldorf, this is where I see Chris for the first time.

Mr. German takes Chris to his apartment in a smaller town near Duesseldorf, more kissy kissy time, takes him out and introduces him to his friends (Chris getting a bit uncomfortable with all of this). Then Mr. German leaves Chris the keys to his apartment and takes off flying around the world for Lufthansa for a week.

Chris gets bored and heads to Cologne, where I meet him officially. Chris goes back to Duesseldorf, Mr. German returns, another few days of kissy kissy then Chris heads home to Toronto. Chris admitting now to me that he’s disappeared on Mr. German who has called and wants to see him again.

Chris tells me this story and his angle is that Mr. German was a tad possessive and perhaps a bit too familiar and really “he wasn’t my type” in the end. I’m listening and wondering what my story will be with him. When will he have derived whatever he thinks I can offer and just vanish?

My relationship with Chris may be 100% different, or 100% like Mr. German. Time will answer that question. But don’t think I can’t read the screenplay for this movie. So now you know as much as I do.


  1. This Chris guy is smart…he’s working it to get free travel and free accommodation. Maybe he should write a blog..I’m taking note!!! Must find older Qantas trolley dolly!

  2. OK, so yeah, the pieces are falling into place. And you are aware of what is going on.
    But hope springs eternal – there may be a change in this plot, against all odds.

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